Skin Care Tonics

Skin Care Tonics

For keeping your skin healthy natural skin tonic will definitely create some noticeable difference. You will easily get various skin tonics at your nearest market place, but mostly those contain chemicals, which could be harmful for your skin. Natural processes are always a great option.


• Cucumber tonic:

Take a half-peeled cucumber & wash it well. Now liquidize it properly. Take a saucepan to boil the juice. Allow it to simmer for almost five minutes. Take it off from the heat & let it cool down completely & filter it. For 2 tbsp cooked juice pour almost 1 tbsp of witch hazel. Remember to keep the juice in your


• Rose water tonic:

Take some clean water (4 1/2 litres) & pour a little bit of rose essence (2 tbsp) in it. Shake the mixture well to mix it properly.

• Witch hazel along with rose water tonic:

For this tonic prepare a mixture of witch-hazel (1/2 cup) along with rosewater (3/4 cup).

• Elderflower water:

Prepare a mixture of boiling water (6 tbsp) along with elderflower (a handful). Allow it to stay overnight in a jar & then strain it before beginning to use it.

• Marigold skin tonic:

Prepare the mixture of witch hazel (2 tbsp) along with fresh flower (3 handfuls) or dried flower (2 tbsp) in a pint of water. This tonic has been identified to be quite effective for spotted as well as oily skin.

• Appletree bark tonic:

In 2 cups of water (boiling) add apple tree bark (4 tbsp) along with saga (1 tbsp). This mixture is appropriate for neck as well as the face.

• Herb & flower tonic:

In a pint of water add 3 handfuls of fresh flower herbs or 2 tbsp dried flower herbs. Now add the boiling water on the herbs & cover the vessel (it will keep the steam in). Allow the herbs to soak for almost 2 hours & then filter it before storing it in a bottle.

• Hollyhock skin tonic:

In a pint of boiling water pour hollyhock (3 tbsp). Cover the vessel & allow it to simmer for almost five minutes. Stand for almost ½ an hour & then filter it before storing in a bottle.

• Vinegar tonic:

For this tonic make a mixture of lavender (1 tbsp) along with wine/ cider vinegar (1/2 cup), rosemary & orange flower water/rosewater (1 tbsp), cloves (1/2 tsp) & rose petals (1 tbsp). Remember to shake the mixture bottle twice regularly & allow it to stay for almost seven days. Before using the filter the mixture.

• Lemon & orange tonic:

Take a saucepan & pour a cup of milk along with orange (1 slice), caster sugar (2 tbsp) & half lemon. Allow it to heat till the boiling begins & then take it off from the oven. Le t it cool down & it’s almost ready to use.

• Gypsy rose water tonic:

Take a wide-mouthed jar & place some scented rose petals (2 handfuls) into it. Add water (1 litre) along with 200 gm sugar into the jar. Allow the mixture to stay for almost 2 hours & then shake the mixture well. Filter it & let it store in some cool place.

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