Makeup Tactics

Smoky Eye Makeup Few steps for black smoky eye makeup are:

1. Using Concealer:

To make eyes ready for makeup first step is to apply light concealer on under eye area and all over the upper lid. This step makes a base of your eye makeup after this step, your eyes will be ready for eye shading.

2. Using Eye Liner:

Use eyeliner to line the top and bottom rims of eyes. Solid Eye pencil or liquid eyeliner is used for this purpose, the main emphasis must be on a lash line of the eyes. If eyes are small, this line should be started from middle and then spread on both sides of eye rim. If your eyes are large then it’s your choice to apply liner from corner to corner or from middle to corner.

(If the liner is liquid, first apply dots than combine these dots and make a line. It will make a neat and decent look to your eye make up).

3. Darker Shadow Creation:

For Shadow creation in eye makeup shadow brush, q-tip and sponge is required. By using shadow brush or q-tip firstly, soften the edges of your eyeliner. Then apply dark shadow and blur it with a sponge or with your fingertip. This shadow must be directly over the liner area and it will create a softer look to your eye make up.

4. Lighter Shadow Creation:

Next step is to apply a lighter shadow by using a large eye shadow brush because it will blend more accurately than the smaller one wet dry brush is also useful for a perfect blend of eye makeup.

5. Using Mascara:

After adding a lighter tone to your dark eye makeups apply mascara. It’s better to use two coats of mascara in a proper sequence.

(To give a more sexy and glamorous look it’s better to curl your eyelashes, than apply coats of mascara on these).

6. Final Touch of Eye Make up:

After complete eye makes .if any material is fallen below the eyes clean it with brush and clean the areas that have grubby effect with the help of q-tip.

7. Final Touch through Lips Makeup.

After completing the eye makeup lips must be colored in such a style that it would enhance the look of black smoky eyes. Lips make up should be in two styles.

Lip liner should be used in natural colors than add some colors relevant to the previous one like peach, barley and caramel with light pink lip liner.
Lip line should be in a darker color than filled with some deep color like dark red. It will give a dramatic look to your personality
Now it is your choice to choose lip color, which is most suitable for your personality.

8. Using Blush on:

To give an attractive look to black smoky eyes you must apply a natural looking blush on to your cheeks.