Skin Care Tonics

Skin Care Tonics

For keeping your skin healthy natural skin tonic will definitely create some noticeable difference. You will easily get various skin tonics at your nearest market place, but mostly those contain chemicals, which could be harmful for your skin. Natural processes are always a great option.


• Cucumber tonic:

Take a half-peeled cucumber & wash it well. Now liquidize it properly. Take a saucepan to boil the juice. Allow it to simmer for almost five minutes. Take it off from the heat & let it cool down completely & filter it. For 2 tbsp cooked juice pour almost 1 tbsp of witch hazel. Remember to keep the juice in your


• Rose water tonic:

Take some clean water (4 1/2 litres) & pour a little bit of rose essence (2 tbsp) in it. Shake the mixture well to mix it properly.

• Witch hazel along with rose water tonic:

For this tonic prepare a mixture of witch-hazel (1/2 cup) along with rosewater (3/4 cup).

• Elderflower water:

Prepare a mixture of boiling water (6 tbsp) along with elderflower (a handful). Allow it to stay overnight in a jar & then strain it before beginning to use it.

• Marigold skin tonic:

Prepare the mixture of witch hazel (2 tbsp) along with fresh flower (3 handfuls) or dried flower (2 tbsp) in a pint of water. This tonic has been identified to be quite effective for spotted as well as oily skin.

• Appletree bark tonic:

In 2 cups of water (boiling) add apple tree bark (4 tbsp) along with saga (1 tbsp). This mixture is appropriate for neck as well as the face.

• Herb & flower tonic:

In a pint of water add 3 handfuls of fresh flower herbs or 2 tbsp dried flower herbs. Now add the boiling water on the herbs & cover the vessel (it will keep the steam in). Allow the herbs to soak for almost 2 hours & then filter it before storing it in a bottle.

• Hollyhock skin tonic:

In a pint of boiling water pour hollyhock (3 tbsp). Cover the vessel & allow it to simmer for almost five minutes. Stand for almost ½ an hour & then filter it before storing in a bottle.

• Vinegar tonic:

For this tonic make a mixture of lavender (1 tbsp) along with wine/ cider vinegar (1/2 cup), rosemary & orange flower water/rosewater (1 tbsp), cloves (1/2 tsp) & rose petals (1 tbsp). Remember to shake the mixture bottle twice regularly & allow it to stay for almost seven days. Before using the filter the mixture.

• Lemon & orange tonic:

Take a saucepan & pour a cup of milk along with orange (1 slice), caster sugar (2 tbsp) & half lemon. Allow it to heat till the boiling begins & then take it off from the oven. Le t it cool down & it’s almost ready to use.

• Gypsy rose water tonic:

Take a wide-mouthed jar & place some scented rose petals (2 handfuls) into it. Add water (1 litre) along with 200 gm sugar into the jar. Allow the mixture to stay for almost 2 hours & then shake the mixture well. Filter it & let it store in some cool place.

Buying a Treadmill

Buying a Treadmill

The treadmill is a quite popular fitness machine in the present times. Health conscious people prefer to invest in a quality treadmill. It’s a great way out for busy people, who just fail to manage time to go to the gym. Having a treadmill in your home helps you to keep your body fit without going anywhere.

Useful tips of purchasing treadmill:

Firstly you need to fix your budget. Figure out something that will satisfy your pocket as well as your requirements. Don’t nurture the misconception that popular products are the best options.
Your running belt should be 20 inches wide. So remember to check it before purchasing. You can also figure out something with side rails (that should not create problems while you moving the arms). It will give you solid grip in case of lapsing.

Alloy steel is considered hardier than wood or plastic, so it’s preferable to go for alloy steel made frame.
Remember to check the motor speed, whether it fulfills your requirement or not. Continuous duty motors are considered to be good for regular uses.

While you are looking for a motor-less treadmill, remember this is a good option only for gentle walking.
Don’t forget to think about space, like which size is suitable for your home. Don’t unnecessarily go for a heavy sized treadmill. A folding one is a great way out when space constraint is a big issue for you.

Always check the safety button as well as a noise level of your treadmill.

In present days sometimes it also comes with a quite manageable incline, which is good for burning calories (10%).Remember to check whether your control panel is displaying speed, calorie calculation, time & distance.

You need to try the treadmill first before going to purchase it. Stability checking is very necessary. Purchasing a treadmill from an established manufacturer is highly recommended.

Age Spots Naturally

Remove Age spots Naturally

What are Dark spots and what is their myth? Sun your skin produces cell called melanocytes. Melanin a dark brown pigment is produced by melanocytes on your face can make you look and feel impulsively old. Even if that is not the case, most people are wide awake of any age spots on their skin and feel it is unpleasant.

What could be done about the unattractive age spot? Absolutely! The solution is in Natural substances exist which will in fact lighten the discoloration. It’s important you select skin products that contain these ingredients.

What are these secret gears that you must look for?

Aloe vera Gel and Rub fresh aloe vera juice on the age spots and this can easily fade them. Use this tip twice a day for two months. Juice made from the aloe plant can easily heal the burns and it is a natural healing agent.

Bilberry Billberry acts as an antioxidant. It slows the aging process. Every day take 4-8 oz. of fresh berries, 80-160 mg of bilberry extract or 20-40 mg anthocyano sides.

Buttermilk Buttermilk is commonly used as a skin cleanser. Touch lightly buttermilk on the age spots. Buttermilk has lactic acid and other ingredients that are highly valuable to them.

Castor oil Apply castor oil on the age spots twice daily, one time in the morning and again in the evening. Rub the castor oil well into the skin. The age spots will disappear within one month.

Dandelion This is very affective for the cure for warts. Break open a dandelion stem. Apply the sap on the age spots 2-3 times daily.

Lemon juice Apply some fresh lemon juice on the age spots twice a day. In case you are planning to go outdoors, wait till the juice dries because it increases your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. It takes few months for the acidity, present in the juice to fade the spots completely.

Aging Herbs

Top Anti Aging Herbs

The herbal treatments have provided evidence to be very effective for several reasons. As having the fewer side effects and low economical cost made this treatment popular. But it will require some time. Constant research on herbs has discovered that they have energetic property in them, which acts as an anti-aging agent.
Herbs are considered natural and non-toxic in nature.

Anti-aging properties present in herbs are being used in different forms like medicine, oil, soap bars, ointments, and cream. Herbs anti-aging ingredients are being used by Various cosmetic companies and health spas in their products.The most commonly used herbs are listed below:

Rhodiola Rosea
Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan)

Ginseng Reduces aging process by slowing down to a certain extent. It stimulates physical as well as mental activity. Ginseng relaxes and reduces the affects of stress.

Rhodiola Rosea

I herb community Rhodiola Rosea is also one of the widely adopted. Rhodiola has anti-aging phyto supplement. Its extracts main active properties are rosavins and cinnamol alcohol glycosides.
Gynostemma pentaphyllum has assets comparable to Ginseng herb. Jiao gu lan contains substances called gypenosides. The plant contains ingredients are very similar to those found in ginseng but three times the properties than Ginseng herb. Jiao gu lan has an overall effect in helping to regulate body systems. Jiao gu lan helps to normalize cardiovascular and hormonal systems.
In infection disease prevention Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian Medicine that has been used for a long time. Uperoxide glutathione peroxidase , dismutase, and catalase are some of the natural antioxidants present in it. It is very effective to strengthen the immune system, relieving stress, amnesia, fever, viral infections and acts as a natural antioxidant, stimulates the growth of axons and dendrites. Ashwagandha has anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects.

Insomnia Herbs

Treatment of Insomnia by Herbs

Insomnia is a chronic inability to sleep or remain in sleep for a sufficient length of time. Waking up in middle of the night and having difficulty in sleeping back again are effects from insomnia. This problem can be occasionally, temporary or chronic.

The ideal time of sleep of a person is about 8 hours. This is the average time of sleep. On the other hand, some people only have four to five hours of sleep and some may need nine to ten hours of sleep.

Herbs are being used for many years as substitute treatment. Researchers are trying to find out the mystery behind these herbs.

Treatments of insomnia by herbs have depressant effects on the nerve system. Common herbs used for insomnia are catnip, elderberry flower, and kava. Different types of vitamins like B, D and minerals pyridoxine niacin and thiamine are present in herbs and are very useful for the treatment on insomnia.

Catnip is used as a tea in treating insomnia. The complete catnip plant is used for this function. This plant is also safe for children. Catnip is being used in the reduction of fever, stomach problems, and sedative distress.

Elderberry Flowers
Sambucus nigra is scientific name of elderberry flowers. This is used for the treatment of insomnia in the form of tea. This is not advised for pregnant woman as it can be dangerous to mother and fetus.

Kava Kava
Kava kava is also known as Piper methysticum. Kava kava has ingredients that are helpful in treating insomnia. It increases sleep timings, reduces sleep disorder by eliminating insomnia causes.

Lemon Balm
Melissa officinalis is a scientific name of Lemon Balm. The nervous disorder is treated by lemon balm. It is also used with other herbs like passionflower and hops.

Not having a good night sleep regularly, effects on your mood as well as your passion and energy level. It may affect on body immune system and health. Exhaustion, caused by a lack of sleep, either you are young or old, takes you to weakened mental attentiveness and powerlessness to contemplate.